About Our Shoes

Throughout our year-long design process, we focused on creating unisex athleisure shoes that are comfortable, clean, and versatile. And that's exactly what we did. 

Reezos One - Technical Features

Let's break it down. Our knit upper is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Our rubber outsole ensures that your shoes are built to last. Our memory foam insole contours to your foot to provide maximum comfort and support. The EVA foam midsole is the perfect balance of cushion and support so your Reezos Ones are comfortable to wear all day. If your foot could say thanks, it would.

How We Make Our Shoes

Over the past year, we have gone back and forth with our manufacturer, testing prototypes, iterating, and retesting. Today, we have a product we are proud of.  
Reezos One Design Process

In the footwear industry, nearly all the major shoe brands outsource their manufacturing. They design shoes, work with factories all around the world to produce the shoes, and then purchase the finished product from these partners.

In the long term, we plan to set up manufacturing in developing countries to stimulate those economies by creating jobs. However, the equipment needed to set up our own manufacturing is simply too expensive for us at this point. So, we are going to start by operating like the rest of the industry and grow from there.

We are working with our partner in China (shout out to Corbin Zhou) to produce our shoes. Corbin works for Quanzhou Guomao Shoe Materials Co, which is certified by SGS, a third party inspection firm, to have fair compensation and working conditions for its employees.