About Reezos

For the Team

Our mantra is “For the Team.” Everything we do is for the team—the kids we support, our people, our partner organizations, and our customers. While individual achievement is great, being on a team is what sports are about. That is our guiding principle. That is what we want our brand to stand for. For the Team. 

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Our Goals

Every team has something it wants to accomplish. The ultimate goal of Reezos is to reduce poverty by funding youth sports and education programs that have been shown by studies time and time again to lead to better outcomes for students.

Here are a few things we want to accomplish within 10 years:

1) Invest $10 million into our Give 20 Projects.

2) Partner with sports and education nonprofits in 10 cities around the United States.

3) Set up three factories in emerging countries as a means of job creation and economic development.

How We Started

Reezos began when founder Reese Wilson had a conversation with one of the other receivers on the football team at Vanderbilt. Reese listened to his teammate share about how important sports are for the kids in his hometown. “Ball means everything to the kids in my neighborhood. Without it, they’ve got nothing.” His teammate explained that if it weren’t for football, he wouldn’t have even tried to go to college. But because of the sport, he had coaches and teammates who pushed him to be better in the classroom and on the field. Reese never forgot this conversation; he knew he had to do something.

Over the next few months, Reese began brainstorming and researching ways in which we could use sports and education to impact the futures of inner-city kids. Partnering with after-school programs in the inner-city would be the answer. Shoes would be the means.

Traditionally, shoes are sold to retail stores at a reduced wholesale price. Retail stores then mark up the price (often by 100% or more) and sell shoes to customers. We knew there had to be a better way. By circumventing traditional retail channels, we avoid retail markups, and the savings can be put toward various projects working to develop youth sports and education in the inner city. So, that’s exactly what we set out to do. We designed awesome shoes, created prototypes, and launched successfully on Kickstarter in September of 2018. 

Our Values

As a team, there are few things we stand for.

Effort - We believe that we should put 110% into everything we do. Working hard for the things that are important in life should never be compromised.

Humility - We believe in thinking of others before ourselves and having a willingness to sacrifice for others.

Enthusiasm - We believe that life should be fun. We want to do everything with a smile on our face.

Excellence - We believe in doing everything the best we possibly can. And, if there is a situation that needs to be improved, we will do what we can to improve it.

Teamwork - We believe that being a part of a team is the best thing in the world because it provides community. Being a part of a team means committing without holding back.

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