Give 20

For every purchase, 20% is set aside to complete projects that develop youth sports and education in the inner city. 

We have chosen to give a portion of our revenue and not our profit because we want you to know exactly where your money is going. The amount we set aside for our projects does not change based on our margins. It is simple and straightforward. Give 20.

Our Process

Why Projects?

We do projects because they can be tailored to fit the specific needs of an area, rather than just a broad, one-size-fits-all approach. Give 20 Projects can be targeted to develop a long term solution for a variety of problems. The needs in one community may not necessarily be the needs of another community, so achieving our social mission through projects allows us to attack the problem in the most effective way.  

Why youth sports and education?

Sports and education are powerful in the lives of students. We've seen firsthand the positive impact they can have on young people. Sports and education lead to better academic performance, higher college acceptance rates, and readiness for life after high school. Coaches and teammates can push students to excel on the field, in the classroom, and at home. The tandem approach of sports and education provide many students a necessary outlet. 

Current Project