There are too many students from disadvantaged backgrounds who fall behind. Mentorship programs gives these kids the support they need to move toward a better future. 

The best way for us to fulfill our mission is through project-based partnerships with established nonprofit partners, who are on the ground doing valuable work. 

20% of every purchase is set aside for Impact Projects. Here's how it works.

Our Process

Our Goals

Our Process

Connect with a partner. (handshake)

  • We identify nonprofit programs that are effectively mentoring young people. 

Set a target. (archery target)

  • We work with the nonprofit to identify a specific need and set an ambitious financial goal and reasonable timetable.

Raise the funds. (20% of a shoe outline)

  • 20% of every purchase is set aside for the project. 

———- time expires or money raised ———-

Create a plan. (Clipboard/checklist)

  • Once we reach the deadline, we work with our partner to decide how to address the need with the funds raised. 

Execute and evaluate. (Hammer)

  • Once a plan is in place, we begin work on the project. We stay in contact with our partner to understand how effective the project has been at addressing the need. 

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Our Goals

*Intro to goals/values what connects them both*


where we want to be in 10 years

  • Factory, factories as a means of economic development
  • One city - 10 cities
  • Smaller scale, incremental projects - we’d like to be able to make transformational changes - $10million into our Impact Projects


What will get us there?

  • We need to 

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