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Impact Projects

There are too many students from disadvantaged backgrounds who fall behind. Mentorship programs gives these kids the support they need to move toward a better future. 

The best way for us to fulfill our mission is through project-based partnerships with established nonprofit partners, who are on the ground doing valuable work. 

20% of every purchase is set aside for Impact Projects. Here's how it works.

Our Process

Our Goals

Our Process

1. Connect with a partner.

We identify nonprofit programs that are effectively mentoring young people. 

2. Set a target.

We work with the nonprofit to identify a specific need and set an ambitious financial goal and reasonable timetable.

3. Raise the funds.

20% of every purchase is set aside for the project until either the target is met or the deadline is reached.

4. Create a plan.

Once we reach the deadline, we work with our partner to decide how to address the need with the funds raised. 

5. Execute and evaluate.

Once a plan is in place, we begin work on the project. In order to improve moving forward, we stay in contact with our partner to understand how effective the project has been at addressing the need. 

    Our Goals

      We have some pretty big ideas about the impact we want to make. But we know that we won't make a dent if we don't have clear goals. We have a few things we want to accomplish within 10 years. 

      Where we want to be by 2029
      • Invest $10 million into Impact Projects
      • Establish three factories in developing countries as a means of job creation and economic development
      • Develop partnerships with mentorship nonprofits in 10 cities across the United States

      Our Core Values

      We truly believe that these goals are attainable, but we also know they are far from guaranteed. In order to make them happen, we'll need to stick to our core values.


      We believe that we should put 110% into everything we do. Working hard for the things that are important in life should never be compromised.


      We believe in thinking of others before ourselves and having a willingness to sacrifice for others.


      We believe that life should be fun. We want to do everything with a smile on our face.


      We believe in doing everything the best we possibly can. And, if there is a situation that needs to be improved, we will do what we can to improve it.


      We believe that no one should go through life alone. Being a part of a community means committing without holding back. 

      We're just starting out, but together, we can make an impact. 

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