Everyone needs someone to believe in them.

The student before his test. The athlete after her game. The college kid when he takes on the athletic shoe industry. They all need to hear, “I believe in you.”

But too often, people never hear those words.

We want better. So we’ve set out to make better.

We took a look at the norms in the athletic shoe industry. 

  1. Athletic shoe brands are built on self-glorification and personal success.
  2. The traditional retail model is outdated, unnecessary, and drives prices up. 
  3. Social impact is the norm in the rest of the footwear industry, but not for athletic shoes.

There is a better way.

By circumventing traditional retail, selling online and in our school bus, we avoid the outrageous markups that you typically get in the shoe industry. Instead we offer great shoes at better prices and put 20% of every one of your purchases toward developing mentorship programs in communities in need. 

Where We're Going

With your support, there's a few things we can accomplish in the next 10 years. 

1) Invest $10 million into our Impact Projects.

2) Partner with sports and education nonprofits in 10 cities around the United States.

3) Set up three factories in emerging countries as a means of job creation and economic development.