Project #1: Backfield in Motion

Goal: $10,000 | Raised: $10,000


Providing educational materials for Backfield in Motion to distribute to the students in their program

Backfield in Motion Logo

Who is Backfield in Motion?

The first organization we've partnered with is Backfield in Motion, BIM for short. Like Reezos, they believe that using sports and education together can provide at-risk youth with crucial opportunities for development. Using athletics as an incentive for academic improvement, BIM aims to develop literacy and numeracy skills that lead to graduation, higher education, and readiness for the world of work. Approximately 170 students, elementary school through high school, participate in BIM's after-school and summer programs where they receive academic instruction and tutoring from certified teachers as well as coaching for whichever sports are in season. Visit their website here.

Project Overview

Many of the students in BIM grow up in homes that do not place an emphasis on reading or simply do not want to spend their time reading books. As a result, students are often several reading levels behind where they should be. One of BIM’s primary goals is to get the students in their program to read. What they have found is that their students are much more likely to read a graphic novel than read traditional literature. Graphic novels are essentially just novel length comic books. The stimulating combination of words and pictures is more engaging than traditional text-only books. However, they are running out of graphic novels to give to students. So, our first Give 20 Project will be to provide BIM with 1,000 graphic novels for them to distribute to their students.

Our Kickstarter campaign was successful! That means Project #1 will be completed. 

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